Sunday, 12 March 2017

Book Before Baby?!

Holy heck, where has the time gone?! I have been so busy with my professional writing that I have neglected my blog, yet again.
I need to get better at this.
The truth is, as a writer, there are different personal side-effects to my writing, dependent on what I am working on.
When I am writing for "work", I am more focused on producing quality pieces that will engage audiences, and make me money.
It's a creative job, but it's still a job! The reality is that I want to make money.
For myself, for my family and so that I can buy more books!
When I am writing in my blog or journal, the results are non-monetary, but more rewarding on a soul level. Makes sense?!
So, what I ultimately want to do is fuse the two. I'm finally in my groove, writing for two reputed websites and getting steady  income. I just want MORE.
I want to write my book.
I want to share with the world the things that go on in my head.
My deep thoughts, my hilarious stories, my fears and inspirations and how I have evolved in my 32 years of existence.
I wanna get deep and inspire people!
I wanna make people laugh!
I want to make YOU laugh.
My baby is due on April 14.
I'm almost 100% sure he will be late (we're going with an estimated April 20, because momma is an astrology freak and wants him to be a Taurus).
I am going to propose the following schedule- to myself and to the world.
On March 17, 2017, I am going to IKEA.
I am buying my little desk and setting up my home office (finally, I cannot work on the couch/floor/kitchen table for another minute!)
THEN...I will decorate the shit out of my personal space.
That is STEP 1.
Put up all the motivational posters I can find, scribble inspirational quotes everywhere.
Post photos of flowers and planets and stars and outer space.
Put crystals everywhere.
Hang an elephant (or other African animal) calendar.
Put a photo from our wedding on the desk.
Then I'm gonna WRITE the shit outta my book!

Other goals/plans (in no particular order) once the baby is here:

*Go on first family mini getaway to Lake Como (booked for May)
*Go on second family getaway- this one a real vacation, to Greece (booked for late June)
*Develop a new and simple to follow postnatal activity plan
*Decorate outdoor space and transform balcony into outdoor haven with plants, lights, cozy lounge area for baby and us
*Resume sushi-eating <3

Here are a few snaps to show you exactly how pregnant I am (I am not making this up!)

Not sure if it's the stripes, but this is ONE pregnant zebra lady body at 33 weeks! Really happy that someone took a shot of me at the snack area. #pregnancygoalas
And this was 34 weeks...Hubbies birthday party <3