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INTRODUCING...Things That Shine: Poems


I published a damn book!

This is definitely the best natural high I have ever experienced (not counting getting married, birthing babies etc...)

I'm so damn proud of myself.

For so many years, I just wanted to share my feelings, thoughts and words with the world. 

This project is so dear to my heart.

So many fears, doubts and insecurities were given the ultimate send-off when I bravely opened my heart and decided that I was going to be vulnerable and share my story.

The truth is, I needed to write these words.
I need them as much as any outside reader might.
This project has healed so many scars that were still stinging (even if just a little).

So, without further ado, here is my newest baby.

Things That Shine: Poems
WRITTEN BY: Ariane Signer
Published by: Balboa Press

You can order it on Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, or by following this link to order directly from my publisher's website:
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Almost Published!

I am going to be published in a matter of weeeeeeeeks!!!
I have been dreaming/bucket-listing publishing a book for YEARS, and the dream is finally becoming a reality this spring!!!!
The original idea was to write about my sobriety journey. Though I am still super passionate about sober living (Day 543!) , and sharing that part of my story, I wrote a few chapters and then felt STUCK. 
The book wasn't budging. I literally tried everything to inspire myself.  Read dozens of books in the quit-lit category.  Wrote in a journal.  Read back though old material. 
The project just wasn't ready to be born.
I felt stuck, and it made me feel really...not good. 
I wanted to write, but it just wasn't coming. 
So then, on November 11, 2018 (11/11) I went to bed and sent out a little request to the Universe. I had read that 11/11/18 was one of the most powerful manifesting dates in the past several hundred years, so I gave it a shot.
I asked for divine inspiration! 
Believe it or not, I woke up th…

Throwback To Summer 2018

Even though colder weather has never really bothered me, I am starting to itch for the summer again! I'm not sure I'll be able to top how amazing 2018 was, but we're definitely going to try! Uploading some memories from a dreamy, warm and sunny summer.

The Fog Is Lifting

The fog is lifting...metaphorically, and literally!

I didn't take this photo, but it was taken in my town, and that's my fog!!!

It's been a really drab fall in my part of Switzerland, and though I am used to the Canadian cold, we have a hell of a lot more sunshine!!!

Vitamin D extra strength tablets and a better diet, more rest and some soul nourishment are doing the trick, though.

Here are some super great things that are going on now:

Doing a lot more social stuff lately.  I've been pretty good at keeping up with baby/momma activities and play dates over the last few months, but now I am craving some one-on-one adult time! I've been working on doing at least 1-2 social events a week (that do not include kiddos) to "treat myself". Usually this means a quick coffee/tea or a walk, but more recently I have been doing 1/2 day outings and trying to see more of Switzerland! I know, how adventurous of me to spend an entire half day away from my children hehe. <3



Looking at beautiful pictures is good for the soul.

Spending Time In The Shadows

The past couple of months have been kind of challenging. 
A mix of homesickness, foggy weather, 16-hour a day parenting shifts and postpartum hormonal readjustment...that's quite a lot for anyone to have to deal with at the same time, right?
I have always been proud of myself for persevering, for getting myself back into the sunshine after tough times, and I'm definitely on my way. This period of moody blues has given me some much needed time to reflect on certain things, though, and for that, I  am grateful.
Without the shadows, how could we possibly know the light?
Without life pushing you into discomfort temporarily, how would we know grace and acceptance? (Of self and others)
Without the dark times, there just wouldn't be room for growth, for change, for transformation.
Of course, when you're in the thick of it, it doesn't seem so promising. It's hard to tap into the wisdom of the Universe when you feel kind of low, but that's exactly when we need to rely on …

Writing Withdrawal

I have writing withdrawal and I feel it in my BONES! Lately, I haven't been writing much. Something about having two babies under 18 months old seems to keep me fairly occupied, with not so  much free time for personal projects.

Buuuut….I need to do it.

I've been working on my book, for what seems like a million years. It's "in progress" (like me!) but this week, I finally allowed myself to lower my expectations about when it will be published. For some reason, I have been feeling like I just NEED to publish by the end of this year. As if I need to validate what I've been up to professionally in the last couple of years. Why??

I need to really let go of the self-imposed deadlines and pressure. Writing a book is important, but right now, my mom work is more important. My babies are young and need my full attention, and I want to give it to them 100%.

I just feel like I'm forcing too hard if I push to publish for a specific date, when I really want the writing …