February 29, 2016

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it"- Buddha

Dear Universe,

Today is the first day of my online journaling. If you count all the times I've started random blogs and shut them down within a few weeks, it's not really the beginning.
I've had an on-again off-again relationship with writing my entire life.
Some creative fiction, but mainly, I like to write about my own personal experiences.
I'm a self-diagnosed self-help junkie. I have spent the better part of the last 8 years devouring books about spirituality, Eastern religion and philosophy, psychoanalysis, dream interpretation, astrology...the list goes on.

Despite my interest in all things Zen, I am a bit of a paradox. If you mixed 75% Bridget Jones with 25% Chelsea Handler; you'd get pretty close to my personality. I'm full of contradiction. I'm the girl who is promoting the benefits of meditation while smoking a cigarette. The girl who theoretically believes that the Universe is a magical and safe place while battling  panic disorder.
I am the girl who longs to let go and rid the shackles that society has indoctrinated, yet, I find strange comfort in structure, rules and symmetry.

So, in short, this blog is more about unbecoming than becoming.
This blog is about the struggle to remove and replace negative (and false) core beliefs with more positive and enriching ones.
This blog is about saying F$*k It, I have some things to say that might help other people with their struggles- so I'm going to say them!
This blog is about saying: writing is my first passion, and there's no reason to hold back anymore.

I hope you join me on this journey (I almost called this blog "Quest of Lioness" in a severe writer's block/uninspired moment- ugh! Thankfully a good friend talked me out of it! Horrible but worth mentioning).
Life isn't meant to be taken too seriously, so I hope to bring a good dose of humour to otherwise serious subjects (stay tuned for posts featuring all the fun stuff: addiction, anxiety and depression, fear, insecurity, body image issues).
We'll dig into those dark rooms, clean the shit out of them, and then douse them in rainbows and unicorns!
It's a bit terrifying to jump into this project with full vulnerability, but I know that it is what I am here to do- my real soul calling.
My only goal is to be the light in life, for myself, and for others.

"Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave"- Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. Will continue reading your blog. Love what you have written so far. So relatable!


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