New Life, switching countries

What a crazy last few months it's been!!!

I kept meaning to update my blog: I really can't even believe that I haven't written anything since APRIL! I'm in such writing withdrawal.

I couldn't remember my password or the font I usually use.
Time to get back into this.

The  good news: I am officially finished work in 10 business days.
I will then embark on a super fun wedding/honeymoon vacation with my darling and THEN move to Switzerland!

So this past weekend, my friends threw me a beautiful bridal shower.

Here are some of the fun highlights:

My hairdresser made my hair look very bridal and fancy
My friends' made a signature rum punch in my favorite colour

I enjoyed drinking my mermaid juice throughout the evening

My bridal party! I have a best man, a maid of honour and bridesmaids...spoiled!

My talented friend Lando did this portrait of us!!!

Adorable A+T Bracelet with an aquamarine stone

Today, an article of mine was published on Tiny Buddha.
I am super, SUPER excited about that.
I really want to branch into some sort of motivational coaching/writing- just trying to find my fit!
I know that it'll come.

In the meantime, you can read the article here:

I promise I'll be back this week with more insights and updates.




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