Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Boozy Update

Or more like, non-boozy. The truth is, I am ready to make a real, typed in ink commitment where alcohol is concerned. I am over it. I am giving it up completely. Not one drink "here and there", not a glass of wine to "unwind". Zero alcohol.
My mission statement/explanation (not that I need an explanation, but I do have one and want to share it!) is the following:


For me, guys. I know that plenty of you are super responsible drinkers that aren't prone to anxiety. Alcohol has never made anything better for me, and in fact, has made many things significantly worse.
I really think getting pregnant with Theo was a major "slow down,Ariane!" sign from the Universe. I was drinking too much. Too often. Too alone.

The spectrum of alcohol abuse and mis-use is vast. It can creep up quietly. I was drinking from the age of 14, so almost going on 20 years of quite regular drinking. A lot of the drinking was bingeing (which, for the record, constitutes drinking 4 units of alcohol in a two hour period, for women, 5 for men).
I had that down to an art.
Ariane is an alcohol mis-user (I find that term accurately sums me up. Or shall we say, summed!)

So listen, I don't want to go to deep into the past, I'm much more excited to talk about my bright, non-boozy future!

So what am I gonna do? How do I handle social events where booze is served? Family dinners? Holidays? Parties? Bars? The list goes on and on and on...and guess what?! I once cared about "what people would think". but not today!

I don't need to explain.

And no one does, really.

This lifestyle change will only bring good, healthy, positive, radiant, loving and unicorn-sprinkled magic into my life and the life of my little, beautiful family. As momma bear to two sweet boys (one fur baby, one birth baby, as I like to call them) I need to set a good example.

I'm giving myself a gift today.
I'm bravely saying, "Ariane, you are not good with this stuff. It's not for you. Let it go."

Isn't life, after all, a series of letting go of what we fear to lose most?

This voice is much more warrior worthy than the little whisper of "Go buy more cider"
This voice is working for me, not against me.
This voice took a long, long time to find itself, and to get nice and loud.

An honestly, praise to the self-help junkies who pioneered into sober territory long before me.
Gabrielle Bernstein, Glennon Doyle Melton.
These ladies have faced their demons and shared their victories with the world, so grateful for their guidance and leadership.

My heart is feeling this, big time.
That's how I know it's the right move.

With warm salutations and a cheers from the world's biggest water glass, I sign off (it's actually not that big)

....That's what she said last night (sorry, couldn't help myself!!!!!)

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