Baby Boys, Blogs and Blessings

I realize I haven't updated my blog in quite some time! I fall into these spells where I get a little too pre-occupied with my "work" writing, and forget that investing in my creative writing is just as important!

I'm hoping to revamp my website in January and re-launch my site with a new concept (now/old concept. It's pretty clear that this is going in the direction of a sober living/recovery blog, cause that's what I'm passionate about these days!).
BUT, in the meantime- here are some point-form updates for ya!

⇢We are having another baby boy!!! I am so excited. It's funny how when I first got pregnant (with Theo) I had this idea that I would have a little girl. I dreamt about raising her to be strong and independent and to take no shit from anyone. I swore that she would not struggle through the feelings of low self-worth that plagued me for a big part of my life.

But then, we found out it was a boy. After mom'ing a little guy for 8 months I realize that he is exactly what I needed. Little boys have the ability to show you a different, softer side to masculinity, that is often very confusing and hard to understand for young girls and women.
It has helped me realize that gender is really a societal construct- and we have to be super careful with the messages we give our wee ones about what they are "supposed" to look/feel/dress and behave like. My boys will learn that love is their superpower. I can't wait for April to meet the newest addition. Still working on a name!!!

⇢I'm super into Tony Robbins these days. Am I the only one who has a little crush on this massive man? He's like 6'7 of pure happiness, joy and motivation wrapped into a horse.

⇢Baby's first Christmas is coming up! Excited to establish our very own family traditions. We have a bunch of family stuff to do, but are going to do a Christmas brunch/pressie opening day on the 23rd to really enjoy our core fam.

⇢I've got travel on the brain. We have several weddings next year, which are being hosted in England, Scotland and Canada. We might not go to Canada again until 2019, but it's still on the table! I'm super motivated to do the two U.K trips and then add another week or two on a beach somewhere with our boys.

Spain, perhaps? Going to brainstorm ideas and look at dates with hub-a-lubs. After being pregnant for close to 18 months straight, I will definitely enjoy some vacation time! Also want to get the boys accustomed to adventure/travel etc; as soon as possible, as we do plan to bring them all over the place, cause we don't want to give up our love of exploration!

⇢This pregnancy is EASY-BREEZY. I might come back later on and edit that, but seriously, I can't complain. This is week 24, and although I am pretty big, I feel AMAZING. I didn't have any nausea at the beginning, like last time.
I'm only starting to get a bit of acid reflux, but that's easily kept under control with smaller portions and no trigger foods. My only ailment is that I broke out in eczema 2 weeks ago on my face! I have never, ever had skin problems, so it's a bit weird, but I am treating it with natural oils, and hopefully it clears up soon.

⇢Feeling stronger and stronger in my commitment to a sober life by the day. As I see how I've transformed in all areas (and continue to transform on the daily) I realize just how toxic alcohol consumption was to my life.
I am 100000% more confident, free, less emotional, more energized, happier, relaxed, rested, calm, loving, sweet, patient, fearless...when I compare these blessed feelings to how I felt while/after drinking, it's not even on the same chart.
Meeting more and more people with similar experiences who are just so blissed-out without booze just helps me stay focused.
I know the real work will start when the babe is out, but who knows, maybe it'll actually be easier this time because I am fully committed. Day 131 and counting!

⇢We're still flirting with the idea of moving. Clearly, we will have to within the next year or so, but right now we are comfy and have enough room for the new babe to join us. Want to make sure we have the perfect 5-year + place before committing to a move. The right place will show itself to us, when it's the right time, as all things unfold in the perfect time, always.


Blessings, seasonal greetings and happiness and love to all


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