How I Survived A Vacation At 32 Weeks Pregnant (With A Baby In Tow!)

Being pregnant while raising a baby doesn't give me much time to sit still and relax.
To be honest, for the first 30 weeks of the pregnancy, I was pretty much going at my regular pace, with very few pregnancy symptoms (thank you, Universe!).

Only lately, with the final stretch in full fledge, am I feeling the weight (literally) of the tasks of mothering, wife'ing and life'ing.

We went on a family vacation to England last week, and it was wonderful.
Yes, there were absolutely some moments of challenge (baby and I both started the week with colds, babe is teething and moving like crazy, there were some exhausting nights etc;) BUT I feel so proud of how well the travel went, and how much I was able to enjoy myself.

We had a lot of family obligations (we were visiting family, after all! Step-brother's wedding was the main event) and I was able to squeeze in two lovely friend dates with my friends from Canada and my bestie from England. Amazing.

Now, we're home.

I'm so ready to embrace the quiet and calm that daily life provides.
We are going to be moving at the end of the month, so I am slowly preparing boxes, organizing junk and donating things we no longer need.

Also super, super excited to think that in roughly 7 weeks I will meet my second baby boy (whose name is still not finalized, but that's on our list of "to-do" this week!)

Spring will also bring two lovely family visits, as my dad and step-mum are coming for Theo's first birthday (and to meet the newest addition) AND then my sister is coming to visit!

Life is going to be busy and action-packed with two little guys, but I am so enjoying the "baby years" and I feel so prepared.

I'm at 192 days sober, and it almost doesn't feel like a thing anymore.

Being around drinking/booze is totally normal to me now (without feeling any FOMO or disgust at drunkenness). I'm just so comfortable with my choice and realize that it doesn't matter at all what others do.

Sobriety has given me all the things I struggled so hard to get while drinking (an anxiety-free life, confidence, true happiness, calmness, joy, constant state of gratitude and awe...). Who knew all this time that putting the bottle down was the answer?!

Here are a few photos from sunny England!

Took the day off from mom'ing to visit two of my favorite pals from Canada in London! This was a really nice reunion <3

A teething related freak-out moment during a pub lunch in Tunbridge Wells. Daddy's face says it all! 

During my step-bro's wedding reception. A little family time. 

Feeling fancy

We brought Theo to Hastings on our last day of vacay to see the sea! He loved our family day, which included eating fish pie, walking around the shore and shopping


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