Adapting To Life With Two Under Two!

Well, it was actually two under one for 9 days! Having two babies within 12 months has been totally insane and ALL worth it.
Sitting here, while both babies nap and I have my first "quiet hour" of the day, I still can't believe that we did this haha

Two years ago, around this time, I was planning our wedding, getting things in order for my move to Switzerland and babies weren't even on my mind. I had too much to think about with immigration paperwork and getting rid of my apartment and furniture.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: life delivers.

So how is life with two demanding little babs who are both going through completely different phases?

It's great.

Honestly, I feel like people almost expect to hear you complain about "how hard it is" or how tired you are, or how you need a break (or a glass of wine, ugh haha) when you talk about having two young children.  What about celebrating when you feel good?

I'm not saying it's "easy" or that it's not a lot of work.

I have my days where I feel less energized, or get frustrated with baby business.
I am essentially multi-tasking all day long to make sure everyone has bottles, baths, diapers changed, clean clothes on, cuddles, naps, meals, play's a lot of work and the days turn to nights very quickly.

But that's exactly why I try to keep myself centered, even when I am having a frustrating moment because my toddler now knows how to scream at a very high pitch (and does so, often).

These moments, these days, weeks and months are flying by.
This time is not forever, and they won't always need me so intensely (or, they will, but in different ways).

No matter how stressful a moment is, I always center myself by remembering how fleeting and precious these moments are. The last year just FLEW by, and already my first baby is not a baby-baby anymore, and I know that with Jake, the moments are passing by even quicker.

I just want to savour the baby years, so that I can look back one day and remember that I enjoyed them.

Other things I'm enjoying right now include:

*Working out, eating well and taking care of my body. Feeling really good about losing 35 pounds since Jake was born, but still focusing on toning up and just enjoying being active!

*Our new apartment is amazing

*We're going to Scotland for our friends' wedding next month (with only the mini-mini, mini is staying with grand-parents), and then to Italy in August (with both minis and my mom!)

*I'm still doing some freelance writing from home, although, I admittedly have less free time for this at the moment!

*Theo started walking (not sure if this should be on the enjoying or "fearing" list hahah)

*Lots of fun and silly times with hubby

*Tomorrow is my 300th day of not drinking! Still feeling fantastic about that life choice. No FOMO whatsoever, as things only got better and better in my life once the bottle was capped for good.

And not enjoying? Some of the hormonal "adjustments" which are more intense after two babies. Balancing back out takes extra meditation, grounding exercises, bubble baths, rune readings, sage burnings hahaha (just since week 7 postpartum, incidentally).

Otherwise, life is great, I am so blessed and impressed with our boys.
They are the cutest, silliest, sweetest and wildest (Theo) mini men and I cannot wait for the future adventures we will have together.

Here is photographic evidence that they are the most beautiful humans I have ever seen:

Brothas from the same motha. (And father, too, incidentally)

Hi! It's me. 7 weeks postpartum and finding my pre-pregasaurus groove again

More regular updates coming soon, promise!
I've been a lazy ass MOFO with writing but I know I need to prioritize it cause I love it.

K bye!


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