Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Today marks my one year sober-versary. 

I am beyond proud.

Haven't been this stone-cold sober since I was 12. 

For the last several years, I flirted with the notion of long-term sobriety, but I was always afraid to commit. When I jumped fully onto the wagon (with no padding), I didn't realize that I would literally undergo a complete transformation.

I an now much more in touch with source energy, my emotional guidance system, and my TRUE self.

I am in control of my life, and I make good choices that affect my family positively.
I no longer have to worry about self-made drama, exaggerated anxiety and feeling sick from too much booze.

A year ago, my voice shook when I told people I quit drinking. Today, I am happy to talk about my experiences, out loud, and non-anonymously. 

When I share my story and help others, I am really fulfilling my soul calling.

There are millions more things I can add to this, but instead of writing them here, they are going straight into my book!

I am aiming for an end of year wrap up on this project! Yeah!

To commemorate my sober birthday, I teamed up with the lovely and very funny Dawn from SoberFish.

As part of her #club365 project, I shared my journey to sobriety.

You can read that HERE:

Hugs and huge glasses of sparkling water to all!!!

P.S. Huge, HUGE thanks go out to everyone I met along the way that supported my sobriety journey. Friends, family, Instagrammers, forum posters...the love and strength you provided will not be forgotten <3

P.P.S. Kelly Osbourne just celebrated her 1 year sober-versary on August 9. I feel strangely connected to her cause of this!!

Huge milestone for Kelly Osbourne and I'm loving these braids!!! #hairgoals


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