Saturday, 15 July 2017

Motherf^%&ing Tired Momma!

Holy hell, I'm exhausted. I'm tired and I want to be un-tired.
What's caused me to feel this sleepy, frazzled and "overcooked" you ask?
Too much vacation.

Does that even make sense? Aren't vacations meant to be restful?

Well, yes, they are. But this year's "vacation" was not spent lying on sandy beaches and playing Crazy 8's.

This year's vacation was more visitation.

We had a week in Swizzy with my dad and stepmom, followed by a week in England with the entire English gang, and then came home to greet my Canadian mom and host her for two weeks.

It's been lovely, it really has, but I'm goddamned tired now and am really looking forward to going back to regular, daily grind life.

I just love my regular, non-over-the-top, boring-to-others' existence!!!

I don't have FOMO, I don't feel like anything is missing.

I don't care if my social life is now mostly centered around mommy tea dates and long chats with the local optometrist (she's really, really sweet!)

I love being home.

I love focusing on myself, my babe and my hubs.

I want to get out of this tired phase as soon as humanly possible, because I notice that I am waaaaay more irritable (sorry folks) when I'm tired, and I don't like being Ariane-cranky-pants!

I would write more on this extremely passionate subject, but I'm too tired.


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