Sunday, 2 July 2017

Why Do We Glorify Busy So Much?

We live in a super fast-paced world. We are continuously exposed to a plethora of digitized information; be it on television, on the Internet, or on our smartphones. We are smack dab in the age of information and of disinformation.

Our brains rarely get a pause to regroup and relax.

On top of the near-constant "logged in" status, we, collectively as a society, glorify busyness.

This turtle has his priorities in order! I don't think he's freaking out about making it to three different social events in the same night. He doesn't need a babysitter. He's heading home to chill out and watch Netflix with the littles.

People are viewed as "achievers" and "responsible" when they juggle a full-time job, parenthood and social and leisurely activities. Not to mention those types who manage to do all of this while still dressing to the nines and looking polished and professional.

While showing the world an image of cool, calm and collection, these super busy-bodies are often hiding a dark truth: they are exhausted. They probably desperately want a "day off" from their hectic schedules to chill out a bit.

The reason this all came up for me this week is because we have been BUSY for weeks. I remember last year, when I was working for Michael Kors, I often felt trapped in a busy bee cycle. I was working at such an accelerated pace to try to get all of my work done (for four years, and it was never "done"). This pace left me super frazzled, super unpleasant to be around and generally feeling pissed off at coworkers, management and sometimes, myself.

The problem was, I was glorifying busyness.

I thought that if I could somehow do it all, that I would magically be rewarded with this wonderful sense of pride and achievement. But I never really got to enjoy those feelings, because I was just too busy to.

New life goals. Having a garden bathtub!

Last week we went on this insane one-week road trip from Switzerland to England, with our 9-week old baby. Although it was nice , it brought me back into that frenzied go-go-go pace that now makes me feel very anxious.

The truth is, I like the slow, quiet days.
I like sipping tea at home and playing with my son.
I like reading books.
I like staying in when everyone else is going out.
I like watching French films.

I've gotten far too busy lately, and it's time to get back to my roots and de-busy my schedule.
July and August will still have quite a few events, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to chill out, say no more often, and get back on track with my writing.


P.S. I don't think I could ever live in a big city again, I think the fast paced life would just send me straight into heart palpitation territory!!! Who have I become?! Big city party girl loving stay at home mom blogger? I kinda like it :)

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