Full Moon Musings

Happy Harvest Moon lovely people!

I'm really excited about this full moon.
Not only will it be huge and beautiful (hope I can see from my balcony, or at least behind our apartment!) it's also one of the most powerful astral phenomenon's of the year.

This full moon, which is the one nearest the autumnal equinox, is a time to reflect on our feelings, emotions and spiritual "state of affairs" and to release any negativities that have been accumulated.

Feeling frazzled at work? Not getting along with a friend or partner? Feeling like you are holding too much in and need to express yourself? THIS IS THE TIME!

Let the mystical, magical moon do all the dirty work for you tonight! Then...have a beautiful and deep sleep to rejuvenate and restart!

So, the nice thing is that there is no right or wrong way to do this ceremony. As with all things spiritual, you really have free range to follow your own path of what feels the most healing to you. The most important thing is to get in touch with your inner self and to offer love, acceptance, peace and forgiveness (to yourself, to others, to the planet, the Universe!) 

I have often read that writing out our intentions by hand is suggested, because you put so much more of your personal energy and thoughts into anything that is created by hand. Makes sense, right?

You can do something as simple as writing out one intention, for example, "I let go of the need to control outcomes".

Or, you can go balls deep and write out a summary of many different areas of your life that require your attention and might need a little more moon power.

I know this month is a biggie for me, because I had one particularly upsetting fight that left me feeling not so great.

Another reason I am having a big month is because I am taking care of my body AND the body of another baby (more on this soon!!!) and I really do need to focus on all the positive, magical and unicorn-filled loveliness in the world

And a final reason, is that despite feeling a little bla from the recent events, I am still super grateful for all of the wonderful things I have in my life. I am celebrating that  as I grow older, setbacks slow me down but don't debilitate me.

I really, truly use these rare moments of shittiness to try and grow and learn, and I have gotten a lot better at forgiving myself for my occasional slip-ups.

Moon magic, stuffing my bra with quartz and black tourmaline and sending blessings, love and heaps of understanding and forgiveness to all.

Oh, and this song!
So good.


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