A Trip To The Land Of Poutine

We have been back from our vacation to Montreal for just over a week, and I'm only getting around to blogging about it now.
 I've really been enjoying being back at home and getting back into our little routine. 

A week filled with long walks, swimming, healthy eats and lots of friend and family time!
As much as it's great to be back home where we have settled into our little family life, the trip to Montreal was nothing short of amazing.

We had so many incredible moments with friends and family.
We walked everywhere, we ate everything, we shopped a ton and we had amazing weather.

Theo was really, really good on the plane (and train, and in the metro, and on all of the buses!).
This little guy is super adaptable to travel and it's really the perfect age to bring him everywhere with us. So far he has been to England, France and Canada- and all of that within his first 6 months.
Hope to add one beach destination to that list before the next baboo arrives (dreaming of a babymoon!).

We were all a little bit affected by the jet-lag (both ways, but mostly coming home) but other than that, the experience was really, really good.

So, instead of listing out all of the things we did, I'm just going to post a ton of photos with summarized captions. Much easier. More fun to look at and look back at in the future.

Tomorrow's another full moon and I don't feel like I need to release anything this month cause I feel so darn good!!! So grateful that the second pregnancy is going so well- 17 weeks in and feel better than I did pre-preggo. (which was also post-partum. My hormones are getting pretty used to the "pregnancy" state!!! But I always feel amazing pregnant, so bring it on.)

We're flirting with the idea of moving, so we're keeping our eyes peeled for a bigger place with a backyard, but also not in a rush cause we are pretty happy and comfortable where we are. Not sure if it's best to wait a year or so and buy our forever home, or just expand into a larger place if we find one that fits our criteria.
Time will tell! Not rushing, the perfect place will come to us when it's the right time. And even if that's a little bit after the next baby comes, that's totally OK too.
I even thought that if we revamped our balcony and added a kid-safe play area, we could totally stay here for another year or more. Lots of options!

Cousins! My beautiful nephew Xavier was so helpful and hands on with Theo. It was so cute to see them bonding during the trip. 

Had some really nice moments at my sister's place. She's such a wonderful Auntie and Theo absolutely loves her

My mom had plenty of KD for me in a box full of "treats". I brought 9 boxes home, and have actually only eaten one so far! Gotta ration that shit.

Nicolas is one of my oldest friends. We met in preschool when we were 3 years old and have been besties ever since. It was really nice to introduce my son to him <3

My girls! These ladies are the truest friends I have. We've been friends for years and years and I love how time passes and nothing changes when we get together. Truly blessed to have them in my life.

I forgot how beautiful Montreal graffiti is. Walking around on the Plateau is like visiting an outdoor museum. Love this colourful piece (Picasso inspired?) on Prince Arthur St. 

I only had two poutines in 11 days. But they both delicious.

Sadly, my Theo tattoo will have to wait until next spring when the second baby is born (I'll just get one for each babe at that point!!!) but hubby got this cute Taurean hommage to our babs. Done by my friend Angus. Love it. 

I guess posing in front of a dumpster and Port-O-Potty isn't the classiest move, but I was really just trying to show off my Tim Horton's coffee cup and "poutine" t-shirt. Embracing two Canadian stereotypes in one. (three if you count the construction in the background!)

Theo got his first taste of taking the bus to Chateauguay and dealing with one lane opened on the Mercier Bridge. We were on that bus for almost 2 hours! Another reason I am OK with living in suburban Swizzy. 

Riding the metro with this guy. It was so romantic and nice to revisit so many places that we went to together, so many times. A big part of our love story unfolded in Montreal, so it's a very special place with lots of great memories. 

Mandatory group shot, posing like sillies

Theo and his granny! I find they look alike in this shot! Similar silly personalities, too!

OMG my heart. This is my favorite photo from the entire trip. These two little cousins are just the cutest duo I have ever seen. 

Granny and her two grandsons, and sista pants.

Amazing lunch and view at Les Enfants Terribles on our second to last day in Montreal. This was on the 44th floor with panoramic views of the entire city and both shores.

Here's my kissin' cousin Paul and his bf Daniel with a very happy Thee-Thee. I was so happy to see these two gems during our visit, too!


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