Ayurveda, Long Walks and Swiss Food

Today is a very special day! It is my darling dearest boyfriend's 30th birthday! We kicked off the day with a super vigorous team cleanup of the apartment. I love the feeling of balance and harmony that comes with cleaning...it really set the tone for a super-charged, inspiring day!

Next up, I left the birthday boy home alone for an hour while I went to my Ayurveda consultation. This is something I have been interested in for a long time. After a sluggish winter, I feel like I need to boost my health, and this was a great starting place.

Unsurprisingly, she confirmed that my nervous system is overwhelmed (yep!) due to poorly managed stress/working too hard/worrying too much/thinking too much....
That's me! I definitely feel like there is a disconnect between my mind and my heart; and this is what I need to work on balancing.
Without further ado, here are my main assignments for the next 6 weeks:

1. DIET: first of all, it has to change! My Dosha is almost equal parts of Vata and Pitta. I naturally have a lot of "fire" in me, so I need to eat calming, soothing foods to get back to a good balance. Chicken, fish, green veggies, fruits, almond milk, wild rice, quinoa, eggs. I can work with this. Actually, being more aware of my diet and restricting certain foods helps keep me very focused on my plan!

2. SPIRITUAL: I need to meditate more. Sit in silence and reconnect with myself. I'm going to be doing morning and evening rituals that calm and soothe the mind.

3. PHYSICAL: Daily body brushing/massage will be incorporated in order to stimulate my blood flow and lymphatic system. I'm supposed to give myself a foot massage with oil every night before bed...I wonder if I can tweak the rules and have boyfriend do this for me?!

4. LET GO: This is the biggie! I need to let go. In my appointment, the practitioner told me something that really resonated with me:
You can chase something and try to force it over and over; get yourself all worked up. If it is not meant for you, no amount of fighting will change a thing.
On the other hand, if something is meant for you, you can't escape it. Let it come to you. Let go and let what is yours come to you.
Beautiful, right?!
I got so teary-eyed and almost lost control of my emotions when she said that. It was one of those "YES! YES! I want to let go and trust the Universe so bad!" moments.
Totally inspiring.
This afternoon, we went for lunch and a very nice long walk in the sun. We talked about our lives and how there's a solution to every problem; even immigration and work permit frustrations. We're not going to let this get us down- we are the masters of our lives' and we're going to find the way!
Life changes, things are always in motion, and we really must find happiness in insecurity. We can't grasp on to life, or people, or things out of fear of losing them. We must let them be, stand back and admire them, in order to really benefit from their beauty and teachings.
Instead of thinking so much, worrying so much, planning so much, stressing so much...let us play and enjoy and lighten up a little!

Tonight I have a hot date with the most beautiful, kindest man I know. I am so lucky to have his partnership and love. Tonight I want to curl my hair and wear pretty lipstick and celebrate all the victories and growth; celebrate all that we have done together in the last year and a half. Life is for living and growing and enjoying; tonight we're going to eat Swiss food and pretend we are in a small Alpine village in his mother country.
Also....5 days no drinking and going strong!


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