Happy Birthday Bon Jovi and Other Musings....

Yesterday was a catastrophic day. Migraines, anxiety, 37 minute delay on train home in subarctic weather. Not many fun things happened!
Although yesterday roughed me up, today, I'm sleepily getting back on the 'ol high horse. Misery doesn't suit me too well. Despite being a HSP (highly sensitive person for those who don't know, and YES, it's a real thing!!!) , I never let the negative stick around too long.
Today- I am going to kick back my "attitude of gratitude" with 3 things that are great today:

1. It's John Francis Bongiovi, Jr's 54th Birthday Today

Happy Birthday BABY! My love affair with BJ started when my Aunt Donna sent me the 7800° Fahrenheit album for Christmas. It was probably 1992. From there, I grew my Bon Jovi tape collection. I had Bon Jovi books, I WROTE Bon Jovi books and I even hosted the infamous "Bon Jovi Party" when my mother refused to let 9-year-old-me go to the Bell Centre to see his life concert.

This man is at least partially responsible for my super unrealistic romantic expectations.

2. I'm Wearing My Favorite Lipstick and My Skin Looks Pretty Even

Both good things, yes?
The lipstick is Too Faced Melted Metallic Peony; my girlfriend got me the Melted Metal kit and I love it!!!

The face is, mine, but looking less splotchy and tired (very surprising considering I had about 2-3 hours of sleep last night).
Maybe 48 hours of no booze is already freshening me up! Yeah!
**I'm even doing my "selfie face" for you!

3. I Spent 45 Minutes Planning What Macaroni to Eat at the Mac N' Cheese Festival Next Week

Because your true friends will take the time to go through all options, consider the ingredients, and make an informed decision.
The winner is....The Lord of Griffintown at Lord William Pub.
Cannot wait to post about this next week. Stay tuned.
Here's a sneak peek:

OK that's it for now. I'm tired and need to work. The sooner I get out of here the sooner my vegetarian food/movie date night will kick off :)
Just what I need...relaxing with a very sweet and very cuddly Swiss citizen.


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