Dry March and Finding Ways Through Blocks

It's March, and I'm giving up booze for 31 days!  I am putting down the bottle for the entire month. Here are the main reasons why:

1. It feels really nice (emotionally/physically/spiritually) to not have alcohol in your system. Moods regulate, skin and hair rejuvenate, sleep improves.

2. I like the challenge. I've always been a pretty regular drinker, so it is a bit of a test to go a month without a glass of wine or pint of cider

3. It helps me get into my Zen zone. Let's face it, hangovers are not that uplifting. Bloating, anxiety and dehydration associated with too much alcohol are some of the things I'm happy to leave in February. I'm ready to ditch late night wine sessions for late night meditation sessions and bubble baths.

4. I know I'll eat better and workout more. Alcohol has got to be the world's biggest saboteur. A few pints of beer later; the gym is a distant rumination and I'm covered in honey garlic chicken wing sauce (that actually happened last night). Not drinking means I am going to be more accountable for what I eat and moving will help me feel good too!

5. I can't really think of another point but lists shouldn't be only 4 points, so I'm going to use my 5 for ranting. I feel like shit today! I have a super bad migraine that keeps hitting my brain in different places. I don't normally get headaches like this. I'm sure it's a mix of immigration stress (trying to import my Swiss boyfriend is not easy!) and beer fog (we had a few drinks last night due to immigration stress). Trying to keep my outlook positive- we have been working on this for over 2 months and sometimes it feels like we haven't made any progress...I think we should just go to Thailand and iron out the details later. Ah well, as Yogi Bhajan said, "There is a way through every block". Certainly, there have been blocks way bigger than this in my past that I successfully kicked in the balls. The only reason this has got my head spinning is because I love my little hamster and hate thinking that we might be separated again after a year and a half of long distance. I know this little challenge will have an amazingly happy ending, so I will focus on that instead of being a Debbie Downer.
Also, does anyone read my blog yet?! I hope to one day have at least some fans...


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