Manifesting the Life of my Dreams- cause, why not live now??

Hi Friends!

It's Monday morning and I'm pretty slow-going after a busy (but very nice) weekend!

Lately I've been giving a lot of thought to the Law of Attraction. Manifesting the things you most strongly desire, almost effortlessly.

We've all see The Secret. The premise of LOA is quite simple. The Universe's magnetic powers draw like energies' together.

 If we look at the Universe outside of the time-space-continuum,  human existence is part of the life force phenomena, which is all-encompassing. We are no different than a rock or a tree, in the grand scheme of things. The energy, or Source, that flows through our beings, is equally moving through all things. There is no separation. Everything is one.

The Universe doesn't know the difference between "good" or "bad". Labelling thoughts, events, activities and behaviours as either positive or negative is part of the human condition; history has shown that our moral code changes from generation to generation.

People have immense faith in archaic religions; never stopping to question why they take everything at face value.
Is there, perhaps, another way of seeing, of being, of believing? (this could be the start of a song...)

So anyways. Most people think I'm crazy and/or annoying when I talk about this stuff, but, whatever suckers, it freaking works and it feels great.

I just know that when I focus my energies on the right thoughts, in the right places and the right ways- I will get exactly the things that I desire.

So now, I'm about to start a serious manifestation. Seriously big. Seriously life-changing. Because I know I can and I know I deserve it.

So here's a short list of some of the main things I will be focusing on.

1. Finding the right home for my boyfriend and I (the Universe has a way of untangling our international strings!!!) I know there is a solution where we can both work, be happy AND be together.

2. Health/activity levels are gonna go waaaaay up! I want to be the healthiest version of myself, physically, mentally, emotionally

3.Staying grounded in the NOW and always choosing the "feel good" thought. I realize that all of the scary stuff in life is created by my ego; it is an illusion that I refuse to be tied to

4. Focusing on my passion for writing, and allowing myself to bravely share my stories and words with the world.

OK so that's it for now.
I'm also thinking of maybe getting a haircut or doing something sort of dramatic to signify a new chapter in my life. Maybe the massive lion  tattoo I'm working on is enough. We'll see!

Maybe I should manifest "being able to fit into my fat jeans again cause even those are too tight on me lately".
But that's OK.
It was winter in Montreal. I ate a lot.



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