You're A Sweet Girl with a Big Heart...But You're Also An Asshole (smily emoji)

Holy shit! A week has passed since I last wrote?!
Whoa- not OK!

Admittedly, I have been choosing to spend most of my down time cooking, watching movies and going out on dates with my boyfriend. We're always sweet and romantic with each other (he's definitely "my person")...BUT THIS WEEK IS EVEN MORE ROMANTIC!

It's like I'm floating on a cloud of Kraft Dinner while holding a dozen baby pugs and being spoon-fed cheese-cubes.

We've been in a near-constant flow of gratitude for each other, nurturing and adoring each other and planning our future.
We're laughing constantly. Creating new, stupid pet names for each other on a daily basis. Sharing embarrassing memories. Talking about the 90's. Yesterday, he came home with white roses and I made him pizza that looked like this:

So, this morning, a co-worker passed by my desk and asked me how my relationship was going. I gave her a slightly condensed version of the above.

Her response was, roughly, this:

Oh very nice, very nice. You know, you're such a sweet girl with a big heart, but sometimes (here she kind of punched the air) you can be....(no word, just a weird "hrmmmph" sound).
But, if your boyfriend knows your character, and sees the inside, you will be very happy.

And the thing is, she's totally right. I can now comfortably say, I am the girl with the biggest heart in the world. I really am. And I am also an asshole from time to time.

The world knows, and I know.
And I'm OK with that.

P.S. Do not Google search "sweet girl who is also an asshole" from your work computer and expect the Internet to respond with anything but porn


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